Saturday, August 8, 2009

Huat Kuih/Kue Mangkok

I myself do not like this kuih, but it seems like this is a very important kuih to offer for worship on the ancestor’s altar. I love to make this kuih because the process and the result. When I opened my steamer and found my kuih all were smile widely, I would smile as well. There are many stuffs we have to know to make this kuih successfully. The steamer has to be filled with water at least ¾ part full. The water must be ragely boiled when you put in the kuih to be steamed. You have to keep the steam inside the steamer during the steam session ( the lid must be tight enough ) and no peeking. The best cups for this kuih mould are those with holes. Remember, NO PEEKING AT ALL !!!!

Ingredients :

For the ‘tapeh’ :
1 ‘tapeh’ yeast ( ciu pia ), grind into powder
250 gms cooled cooked rice

Methods :
Make the tape :
In a clean and dry plastic box, spread a thin layer of the tape yeast, then arrange a thin layer of rice, spread a thin layer of tape yeast on the rice layer, arrange another layer of rice, another layer of tape yeast until the rice is used up. The last layer must be a thin layer of yeast. Cover the box with a piece of paper, tie up with rubber band, let it be fermented for 48 hours.

Other ingredients :
500 gms rice flour
250 gms sugar
600 gms washing rice water (when we wash rice for the second time, save the water)
1 pack of ENO fruit salt ( can be substituted with 1 Vit.C effervescent tablet, eg. Redoxon, grind the tablet into powder )

Method :
Put the tapeh into a blender and blend into puree.
Add the sugar into the water to dissolve, then add the syrup to the flour. Add in the tapeh, blend well, check the lumps.
Keep the batter in a warm place for 3 hours.
After 3 hours, stirr the batter slightly (2x or 3 x) , add in a pack of ENO, stirr slightly (2x or 3x) until the ENO dissolve, do not stirr till the foam fade away.
Pour the batter into the paper lined cup, steam for 15 minutes. Do not put too many cups into the steamer.

Tips : for pink huat kuih, slightly tint the batter with pink food coloring, do this before the ENO.

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